Anthropomorphisms brings together all of Boston's "people
poems" -- cat people, ghost people, gargoyle people, werewolf
people, etc. Most of these poems first appeared in
Asimov's SF
Strange Horizons. Includes nine original illustrations by
Marge Simon  

“Boston poetically anthropomorphizes animals, inanimate
objects, abstractions and things celestial with great wit and
insight. This is the stuff of surreal dreams. Being human has
never been more entertaining.”  –G. O. Clark, author of
Shroud of Night

“Bruce Boston's Anthropomorphisms is by turns waggish ("Beat
People"), visionary ("Bird People"), quirky ("Bone People"),
droll ("Cat People"), chilling ("Cockroach People"), mordant
("Crow People"), topsy-turvy ("Chicken People), startling
("Gargoyle People"), prophetic ("Ghost People"), quotable
("Robot People," and "Knife People"), appetizing ("Harvest
People"), shivery ("Lice People"), and allusive and compressed
("Surreal People").
Anthropomorphisms would make a great
gift for anyone with a sense of the absurd. But be selfish; buy
the book for yourself.” –Mary Turzillo, Nebula-Award author
of "Mars Is No Place for Children"

“Over the years, Bruce Boston has written quite a few poems
about people. I suppose many of us do, but not the way he
does. His people are archetypal: cat people, rat people, paper
people, star people, 37 different kinds in all. What I like best
about them is their link between the absurd and the
alarmingly real. They show us facets of ourselves that we may
not have paid sufficient attention to. Boston uses the poems in
Anthropomorphisms to illustrate the very real foibles of the
human race.” –David C. Kopaska-Merkel,
author of
The Tin Men with Kendall Evans
$9.00            74 pages
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ISBN-13: 978-0-9828554-6-1

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