“One of Wildside’s latest comes from poet Bruce Boston, whose prose
sings like a mix of E. T. A. Hoffman and Hawthorne, Borges and
Bierce. His
Masque of Dreams collects nearly two dozen brilliant
stories, ranging across all emotional and narrative terrains.”
--Paul Di Filippo,
The Washington Post

“...from gentle and gritty realism through science fiction to simple and
complex fantasy...in quality from good to excellent....If Bruce Boston
has written a poor story...I have yet to read it.
Masque of Dreams
is truly a pleasure...and I recommend it highly.”
--Lee Becker,
Fantasy Commentator

“...a great talent for richly evoking a place in time...a gift for creating
memorable characters....The stories and poems have in common
Boston’s well-trained poet’s eye for detail, his beautifully crafted
language, and his unfailing compassion for his characters... sure to
leave readers dazzled by the depth and range of his talents.”
--Tim Pratt,

The masques of 17th century Europe presented dramatic
entertainments based on mythic themes and enhanced by lavish
costumes and sets. The entertainments in
Masque of Dreams fashion
myths of their own and are enhanced by the voice of a poet, often lyric
and at times pyrotechnic. Journey to the heart of a mutated rain forest
that strikes back against civilization. Join a Victorian stage magician in
his search for real magic. Descend to the depths of an omnivorous
singularity where everything is everything. Meet a true gentleman
farmer and stand with vorpal sword in hand.

Masque of Dreams collects 6 novelettes,
17 short stories, and 15 poems
Best-Of Fiction Collection
297 pages           $13.99
Wildside Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-4344091-1-9

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